2017 SHelties Online TOP Specialty SIRES
Final Ranking

Compiled by Onnaka Dudley

The list is comprised of sires with multiple get who combined for at least 5 specialty majors from January through December in 2017.

#1 GCH Grandgables Turn On The Charm

12 specialty majors awarded to 7 get

GCH Grandgables Turn On The Charm

Laureate Red Red Wine – 1 specialty major
Laureate Sweet Thing – 1 specialty major
Martinique Akadia Femme Falata - 1 specialty major
Martinique Master Chef - 3 specialty majors
Paradise Tristar’s Serendipitous - 1 specialty major
Shelhaven Ignite - 3 specialty majors
Solange Emoji - 2 specialty majors

#2 GCH Lochlyn All Jacked Up

8 specialty majors awarded to 6 get

GCH Lochlyn All Jacked Up

Lochlyn Luckbag Legend – 1 specialty major
Lochlyn Neiman Marcus – 1 specialty major
Oakdale Illustrious – 1 specialty major
Springtime Lyric Behind The Mask – 1 specialty major
Starphire Ours Is The Fury - 3 specialty majors
Two J’s Hell Of A Night – 1 specialty major

#2 GCH Rosmoor Protocol

8 specialty majors awarded to 7 get

GCH Rosmoor Protocol

Blue Heavens French Lace
– 1 specialty major
Kymric Porcelain Blue – 1 specialty major
Kymric Solstice Divergence – 1 specialty major
Narnia Night Traces – 1 specialty major
Rosmoor Afterglow - 2 specialty majors
Rosmoor Everlasting – 1 specialty major
Syringa SR A Little Dirt On My Boots – 1 specialty major

#3 GCH Barwood Sound Sensation

7 specialty majors awarded to 6 get

GCH Barwood Sound Sensation

Belmark Siren Call - 2 specialty majors        
Casino Belmark Squeezeable - 1 specialty major
Kizzbri’s Gabriella – 1 specialty major
Mistybrooks Maui Nights At Milagro – 1 specialty major
Trevanne’s Heavenly Joy – 1 specialty major
Trevanne’s Love Somebody – 1 specialty major

#4 GCH Barwood Clearsky Fireworks

6 specialty majors awarded to 3 get

Aratone Royal Intrigue - 2 specialty majors
Aratone Von Very Victorious - 3 specialty majors
Barwood Harmony – 1 specialty major

#4 GCH Kismet's Don't Mess With Texas

6 specialty majors awarded to 5 get

Blue Heavens Heart of Dixie – 1 specialty major
Blue Heavens I’ve Got You Babe – 1 specialty major
Blue Heavens Neon Lights - 2 specialty majors          
Blue Heavens Secret Find – 1 specialty major
Kell Western Wear – 1 specialty major

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May 26, 2018
NORTH DAKOTA – Dynestar Shelties is proud to announce a new litter sired by GCHB Kell Happy AOM, out of GCH Dynestar Whispering Bi Malaia. The breeding produced two puppies, one tri-color male and one tri-color female, whelped April 3, 2018.

April 11, 2018
ARIZONA – Wildwest Shelties is proud to announce three, yes three, litters born over the last month. Born March 5 to Shazadar’s Wildwest Made You Look (AKC ptd) and Ch Wildwest A Distant Shimmer were one bi blue male, one bi black male, and one blue CHW. On March 27, we had four more puppies, all bi-blacks. The two males and two females were born to Wildwest Blue Moon o’Shelgrande AKC Ptd) and out of Blue Heavens the Last Rose. The third litter was born April 4 to Ch Kismet’s Cadeneaux Silver Lining out of Widwest Aria: three bi-blue males and one bi-black female. These litters are futurity nominated.

March 3, 2018
CALIFORNIA – Show Biz Shelties is proud to announce a new litter sired by visiting stud dog, Am/Can CH. Tresta Uptown Charm ("Gaston"), out of Show Biz Tea Party. The breeding produced five puppies, including two males and three females, whelped February 12.

February 23, 2018
ILLINOIS – Kizzbri Shelties: We're very thankful that 3M and 1F S/W puppies arrived on Thanksgiving 2017 out of Vinita Ruby Begonia (CH Kizzbri's Hot Pocket x Vinita Frangellica) and sired by Kizzbri's Gianni (GCH Barwoods Sound Sensation x Kizzbri's Divine Design).

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