2008 SOL TOP Specialty SIRES
Final Ranking

Sires with multiple get who combined for at least 4 specialty majors in 2008 from January through December. Also listed are the judges who awarded the majors and the number of points awarded.

#1 CH Apple Acres Expedition ROM

8 specialty majors awarded to 5 get

Deja Blu Double Your Fun (J. Virden: 4 pts, J. Reno: 4 pts, B. Kenealy: 3 pts)
Grandgables Carnans In Cahoots (P. Skinner: 5 pts)
Lynphil Designer Guy (R. Thompson: 5 pts)
Nightlatches Pandamonium (A. Bianchi: 3 pts)
Twin Cedar’s Wisteria Lane (T. Gomez: 5 pts, A. Gomez: 5 pts)

#1 CH Pop Star SS of Northern Farm ROM

8 specialty majors awarded to 5 get

CH Pop Star SS of Northern Farm ROM

Rosmoor Redemption
(W Mount: 5 pts)
Rosmoor Requiem (S. Healy: 5 pts, L. Graser: 3 pts)
Rosmoor Shaizach Starlet (S. Saltzman: 4 pts, P. Neale: 3 pts)
Suncrest Ganache (M. McMillan: 5 pts, L. More: 3 pts)
Vogue Jackie O (B. Linden: 4 pts)

#2 CH Stonerhaven’s Samurai

7 specialty majors awarded to 5 get

Chosen Samurai’s Delight (S. Paveza: 5 pts, P. Haderlie, 3 pts)
Kismet’s Chosen One (C. Gorman: 4 pts, J. Haderlie: 3 pts)
Kismet’s Layla (L. Bianchi: 5 pts)
Kismet’s Silver Chalice O’Paray (J. Nahikian: 4 pts)
Springmist I Like I Love It (P. Haderlie: 3 pts)

#3 CH Carloway Black Market

5 specialty majors awarded to 4 get

CH Carloway Black Market

Cameo Gray Market
(P. Neale: 3 pts)
Carloway Bootleg Market
(M. Tuff: 3 pts, J. Howard: 5 pts * ASSA WD)
Montage Melania
(J. Hitt: 4 pts)
Twin Cedar’s Money Market
(M Lucas: 5 pts)

#3 CH Grandgables Boy Oh Boy

5 specialty majors awarded to 3 get

CH Grandgables Boy Oh Boy

Barwoods Endeavor (J. Molloy: 4 pts)
Macdega Motion Picture (L. Graser: 4 pts, W. Mount: 5 pts, L. Millman: 5 pts)
Whitland’s Ryerson (B. Linden: 3 pts)

#3 CH Okie’s Black Tie Affair

5 specialty majors awarded to 5 get

Odyssey To The Nines (J. Simmonds: 4 pts)
Okie’s Affair To Remember (M. McMillan: 4 pts)
Okie’s Kell Wild WildWest (M. McMillan: 4 pts)
Okie’s Shadows In The Moonlight (A. Inman: 4 pts)
Okie’s Tie One On (M. Bittner: 3 pts)

#4 CH Daval Mind Games

4 specialty majors awarded to 2 get

Daval Mind Twister (L. Still: 3 pts, L. Runnels: 3 pts)
Daval Galmour Games (P. Haderlie: 4 pts, L. More: 3 pts)

Other sires of note

Sires with multiple get who combined for 3 specialty majors in the 2008 Specialty Show season.

CH Apple Acres Blue Heavens Thunder
Blue Heavens Dahlila (A.Bianchi: 3 pts)
Blue Heavens Just Amazing (S. Staffan: 3 pts)
Blue Heavens Northern Lites (D. Tessman: 4 pts)

CH Apple Acres Carte Blanche
Mainland Loyal Possible Merger (P. Haderlie: 3 pts)
Mainland Prime Time (R. Kelly: 3 pts)
Rainier Wynset Cause I’m Bossy (S. Healy: 3 pts)

CH Apple Acres Standing Ovation
Blue Heavens Final Act (D. Combee: 4 pts, B. Wright: 3 pts)
Blue Heavens Wake Up Call (B. Wright: 3 pts)

CH Aynsworth Silver Moonlight
Dury Voe Betty Boop (S. Healy: 4 pts)
Fantasia Flirtini (H. Smith: 5 pts)
Sea Haven Chasing Rainbows (J. Molloy: 4 pts)

CH Dan Dee One From The Heart
Dan Dee Contessa (B. Thompson: 3 pts)
Mistybrook Queen of Hearts (J. Virden: 4 pts)
Tara Hill Follow Your Heart (C. Skinner: 4 pts)

CH Lochlyn Dream Catcher
Crestar Lochlyn Dreamgirl (N. Bodine: 3 pts)
Lochlyn Chasin A Dream (J. Fink: 4 pts, B. Kenealy: 4 pts)

CH Sea Haven’s Sharper Image
Grandgables Pure Heaven (E. Worthington: 5 pts, J. Haderlie: 5 pts *ASSA WB)
Sea Haven Virtual Image (D. Combee: 3 pts)

CH Trevanne’s Pelletier
Macdega Flourish (R. Durham: 5 pts, R. Piccirillo: 4 pts)
Sea Haven Bend It Like Beckham (J. Haderlie: 4 pts)

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