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central ohio shetland sheepdog association (pm)

February 18, 2018 - Columbus, OH

Breed Judge: Robette Johns

Best of Breed

GCH Bellebrae Serenity's Valentino
Sire: CH Mistybrooks Time For The Blues
Dam: Serenity's Ringside Romance
Breeder: Craig Bowen
Owner: Wanda and Tim Fletcher, E.H. Chang

Best of Opposite Sex
CH Shadow Hill's First Class
Sire: GCH Shadow Hill's Blueprint
Dam: CH Shadow Hill Dancing at Night
Breeder: Jane Hammett Bright, Misty Dawn Crawford
Owner: Jane Hammett Bright
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch

Grandgables Tru Lee Toot Sweet
Sire: GCH Grandgables The Chill Factor
Dam: Apple Acres Black Magic Amulet
Breeder: Cathie Thomas
Owner: Guy Jeavons, Mark Houston-McMillan

Winners Dog - 2 pts

Grandgables Wolf Whistle
Sire: CH Grandgables He Gives Ya Chills
Dam: Grandgables Tru Lee Toot Sweet
Breeder: Guy Jeavons, Mark Houston-McMillan
Owner: Guy Jeavons, Mark Houston-McMillan

Reserve Winners Dog
Shadow Hill Time Out
Sire: CH Lynphil Timeless Piece
Dam: CH Shadow Hill Silver In The Sky
Breeder: Jane Hammett Bright, Morgan Hasmann
Owner: Jane Hammett Bright
Reserve Winners Bitch
Belmark Suntime Kissing Strangers
Sire: GCH Syringa-Akadia The Corsair
Dam: Suntime Skinny Love
Breeder: Ni Ya Dong
Owner: Bella Thompson
Select Bitch
CH Kizzbri's Gabriella
Sire: GCH Barwood Sound Sensation ROM
Dam: Kizzbri's Divine Design
Breeder: Barbara Golden
Owner: Barbara Golden, Boyan Golden
Select Dog

CH Shalamar Villager Proclamation
Sire: GCH Wistwin Shalamar Couer d'Alene
Dam: GCH Barwood's Affair of the Heart
Breeder: Susan Beacham
Owner: Lyn Leininger, Susan Beacham

CH Shalamar Villager Proclamation

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