2017 SHelties Online TOP Specialty SIRES
Final Ranking

Compiled by Onnaka Dudley

The list is comprised of sires with multiple get who combined for at least 5 specialty majors from January through December in 2017.

#1 GCH Grandgables Turn On The Charm

12 specialty majors awarded to 7 get

GCH Grandgables Turn On The Charm

Laureate Red Red Wine – 1 specialty major
Laureate Sweet Thing – 1 specialty major
Martinique Akadia Femme Falata - 1 specialty major
Martinique Master Chef - 3 specialty majors
Paradise Tristar’s Serendipitous - 1 specialty major
Shelhaven Ignite - 3 specialty majors
Solange Emoji - 2 specialty majors

#2 GCH Lochlyn All Jacked Up

8 specialty majors awarded to 6 get

GCH Lochlyn All Jacked Up

Lochlyn Luckbag Legend – 1 specialty major
Lochlyn Neiman Marcus – 1 specialty major
Oakdale Illustrious – 1 specialty major
Springtime Lyric Behind The Mask – 1 specialty major
Starphire Ours Is The Fury - 3 specialty majors
Two J’s Hell Of A Night – 1 specialty major

#2 GCH Rosmoor Protocol

8 specialty majors awarded to 7 get

GCH Rosmoor Protocol

Blue Heavens French Lace
– 1 specialty major
Kymric Porcelain Blue – 1 specialty major
Kymric Solstice Divergence – 1 specialty major
Narnia Night Traces – 1 specialty major
Rosmoor Afterglow - 2 specialty majors
Rosmoor Everlasting – 1 specialty major
Syringa SR A Little Dirt On My Boots – 1 specialty major

#3 GCH Barwood Sound Sensation

7 specialty majors awarded to 6 get

GCH Barwood Sound Sensation

Belmark Siren Call - 2 specialty majors        
Casino Belmark Squeezeable - 1 specialty major
Kizzbri’s Gabriella – 1 specialty major
Mistybrooks Maui Nights At Milagro – 1 specialty major
Trevanne’s Heavenly Joy – 1 specialty major
Trevanne’s Love Somebody – 1 specialty major

#4 GCH Barwood Clearsky Fireworks

6 specialty majors awarded to 3 get

Aratone Royal Intrigue - 2 specialty majors
Aratone Von Very Victorious - 3 specialty majors
Barwood Harmony – 1 specialty major

#4 GCH Kismet's Don't Mess With Texas

6 specialty majors awarded to 5 get

Blue Heavens Heart of Dixie – 1 specialty major
Blue Heavens I’ve Got You Babe – 1 specialty major
Blue Heavens Neon Lights - 2 specialty majors          
Blue Heavens Secret Find – 1 specialty major
Kell Western Wear – 1 specialty major

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August 29, 2018
MICHIGAN – KM Shelties is proud to announce a new litter sired by CH Beckon LeftHanded Gun, out of KM Beckon Sizzling Thelma. The breeding produced three male puppies – one tri, one bi-black, and one bi-blue, whelped March 14. This is a beautiful and power-packed litter. Safe on size.

June 26, 2018
FLORIDA – Silver Trails Shelties is proud to announce a new litter sired by GCH Conspirito's Makin' Waves out of Silver Trails Valentina. The litter of seven consists of five sable and white males, one tri male, and one sable female, whelped June 11, 2018.

May 26, 2018
NORTH DAKOTA – Dynestar Shelties is proud to announce a new litter sired by GCHB Kell Happy AOM, out of GCH Dynestar Whispering Bi Malaia. The breeding produced two puppies, one tri-color male and one tri-color female, whelped April 3, 2018.

April 11, 2018
ARIZONA – Wildwest Shelties is proud to announce three, yes three, litters born over the last month. Born March 5 to Shazadar’s Wildwest Made You Look (AKC ptd) and Ch Wildwest A Distant Shimmer were one bi blue male, one bi black male, and one blue CHW. On March 27, we had four more puppies, all bi-blacks. The two males and two females were born to Wildwest Blue Moon o’Shelgrande AKC Ptd) and out of Blue Heavens the Last Rose. The third litter was born April 4 to Ch Kismet’s Cadeneaux Silver Lining out of Widwest Aria: three bi-blue males and one bi-black female. These litters are futurity nominated.

March 3, 2018
CALIFORNIA – Show Biz Shelties is proud to announce a new litter sired by visiting stud dog, Am/Can CH. Tresta Uptown Charm ("Gaston"), out of Show Biz Tea Party. The breeding produced five puppies, including two males and three females, whelped February 12.

February 23, 2018
ILLINOIS – Kizzbri Shelties: We're very thankful that 3M and 1F S/W puppies arrived on Thanksgiving 2017 out of Vinita Ruby Begonia (CH Kizzbri's Hot Pocket x Vinita Frangellica) and sired by Kizzbri's Gianni (GCH Barwoods Sound Sensation x Kizzbri's Divine Design).

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